Thursday, December 17, 2009

International Family

We had dinner guests this evening.

Sasikumar and Liu Lei -- both USC graduate students -- visited us and shared dinner.
I met Sasi earlier this year in response to a craigslist posting. I was actually trolling the list to try to find job opportunities. Sasi posted that he was a foreign-born graduate student who needed someone to proofread his papers for English grammar. His post stated that he couldnt offer any monetary gain, but would be very grateful for any help.

You know me.

I answered the ad. **laughing**

He's an anthropology major, working on his doctorate. Home, for him, is Sri Lanka -- the other side of the world.
I've found his work to be fascinating, and have learned a great deal just by reading his papers. (His English, by the way, is really quite good -- so it's an easy "job" for me to proofread!)

Along the way, we've become friends. He's a young guy, in his 20's -- far away from home. We've shared a few lunches, he's joined us at church, and we've "adopted" him into our family.

This evening, he brought his roommate with him -- Liu Lei is Chinese.
David cooked chicken, green beans, and garlic mashed potatoes. I'd made a salad and devilled eggs. Sasi told a story about a guy in Sri Lanka who went into a restaurant and wanted an egg -- only he didnt know the word for "egg" in the dialect used at that place. So he asked for "chicken's daughters" -- and when I brought out the platter of deviled eggs, I announced that we had "chicken's daughters" amid lots of laughter!

We look forward to enjoying more of Sasi & Liu Lei's company, and I believe both of these young men will one day do great things that will benefit many people.

As a child, I had cousins who often brought home international friends from college, especially at the holidays. One of my fondest memories is of a gentle Japanese lady named Sadako who visited with my cousin Nancy. I remember seeing her dressed in her beautiful kimono, and thinking how cool it was to get to meet people who were born on the opposite side of this planet!

In my own way, I've gained many friends for my International Family. There's Richie and his family from Ghana, and also Reverend James and his family, too. Sylv's in Australia. Joanna is a missionary serving in Kenya. Sasi from Sri Lanka. I love being part of God's Big Family!!!

As David & I talked this evening, we realized that here at our home we've had people from Sri Lanka, Kenya, China, and Ghana right here in our little house in South Carolina, within the past two years. Amazing!!! And we pray for MORE opportunities to add to our International Family!

Blessings, all!
Anita <><


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