Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday, Monday, just a short note!

Good morning!

I apologize for being so far behind in our activties -- so much has happened, and we have many photos and not a lot of time. Please check out David's blog at and you can get his perspective on the last several days.

I want to post a short note here, then HOPEFULLY I can get another one in later today!

It's typical Ghana -- I'm down to my last pair of clean underpants! We left a lot of laundry when we went to Logba Tota -- BUT none of it got done because it rained cats & dogs & little tiny lizards while we were away. When we returned, Emmanuel (who is part of the household help) had to leave to be w/ his mom in Kumasi who is ill. And NOW -- it's a bright sunny day-- there is NO WATER!!! **laughing** Such is life here!

We're headed right now to Jerusalem Gates Academy, where the kids live & scavenge in a nearby garbage dump. It just breaks my heart to know little children have to live like this.

Later, we'll go to Accra.

More --WITH PICTURES--when we return!
Blessings, all!

Anita <><

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Nancy Detweiler said...

Hi Anita & David,

I am soooo enjoying your blogs and photos about your activities in Ghana. They have become my blessing for the day. I'll hate to see you come home!

What tremendous ambassadors of God's love for all people you both are! You truly reveal that we are all members of the family of God. WE CAN ALL LOVE TOGETHER, celebrate together, pray together, play together, cry together, work together to build a better world!

Bless your dear, loving hearts, God's angels!