Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vision, Stuck, Children, back at Christ Harvests

July 27 & 27, 2008
Hello everyone! It's been a whirlwind weekend! I've much to share with you.
Saturday, we planned to go into Accra to see the new MALL! This is a "first" in Ghana, a huge shopping mall with lots of shops & two grocery stores that make Wal-mart look like a Super Dollar. There is standard pricing -- no bargaining. It was elegant & obviously for an "upscale" clientele. I stood in there, amazed -- this is one sign of the progress made in the past 3 years. The last time I visited here, that was simply unimaginable!
However, before we left for Accra, Rev. James said he was going with us to a "surprise" and then we'd go on to Accra. He instructed the driver to an area deep inside Community 25. Comm.5 is the newest community to be incorporated into the city of Tema. It's just in the beginning stages of development; not many houses -- YET. As we drove the narrow muddy potholed road that had only recently been carved into the earth, Rev. James began telling us that this was one of the next realizations of his vision for Christ Harvests the Nations. Seven years ago, I was among the first to hear of the vision: There were 2 parts. First was a mission house, with enough room to house many people -- this has been realized, Amen! But now -- we are standing in a huge vast field -- surrounded by villages all the way around -- and this is to be the site for the new church home and disciple training center! It's so exciting, to see this actually taking place!!! I look forward to seeing God at work to complete this as well.
Oh -- but as oft happens in more rural areas here -- we had to practice "Osepiahh" which, loosely translates to "Get out and PUSH!!!!" As you can see, the car got stuck in the mud, so everyone had to jump out and the men had to push!

Rev. James steers, while our driver Fefe, Richard, and Dave all practice Osepiaah!

This trip is so different for me, and one of those differences is CHILDREN!!! It feels so good to be surrounded by these little ladies, and Richard's 3 kids! It adds a whole new dimension, to have the love and "energy" of these precious little ones. The smallest of Rev.'s daughters is Kelsey -- and she's just recovering from a bout with malaria. The older daughter is Lexi. They watch "Baby tv" in the mornings, and you should see them interacting with the characters they watch as the rest of the household dresses for the day!
Breakfast with Kelsey, Rev. James, and Lexi.
Another sweet event happened as we unexpectedly dropped by Richard & Victoria's home.
As soon as Little Anita & Christabel saw us come through the gate & up the walk, we heard them clapping and saying, "Daddy is home, and he brought Grandma Anita & Grandpa David!!!" When we climbed the stairway up the their home, we were smothered with kisses and smiles. They talked to both of us non-stop, it was plenty cool, let me tell you!
When we returned there for lunch after church, the girls came running down the stairs to greet us, in hot pink & green "play high heels" and feather boas that my daughter Amanda sent them! Oh we had a big time watching them "pose" and dance.

Little Anita, Grandpa David, & Christabel mug for the camera.

Little Anita, Jr., and Christabel at home.

Jr. was less than enthusiastic at having photos taken!


This morning was Sunday, and it our first visit back to the Sanctuary. What a great time I had, seeing old friends and meeting new ones!! I entered the church to the welcoming hugs of Bob (who was with us on our first two years of travels) and Evelyn -- who has gone with us to all the villages every time I've come here -- even to Bolgatanga (a LLLOOOONNNNNGGGG way from Tema)!

David & I were both given the opportunity to preach a short message; I spoke about "homecoming" and how you truly feel the comfort of "home" when you have Christ in your heart -- and that way you can be at home ANYWHERE you are. David gave a personal testimony about being shot & protected by God, and tied it in to the biblical concept of "BELIEVE". Then Rev. James gave a word that had everyone excited! Several times, young people approached me and it was great fun for them & me to try to guess who they are -- kids grow up a LOT in 3 years time!!

This evening we met Pastor Joseph, who pastors 3 churches planted through Christ Harvests. It is in two of his villages that we are working toward the wells, and we are getting to know him a bit before we travel up to the Volta region.

What a couple of days it has been!! Now, at 9:45 pm on Sunday I am winding down. The baby is asleep, safe in her mother's arm. Abigail hums a joyful tune as she washes the dishes. David is playing with Lexi and her "pretend cell phone" having pretend conversations with Lexi's pals.

Tomorrow promises to be a lovely day, as we travel back to Potwabin and visit Grace, my little friend who once had a cleft palate. She's not so little any more -- she's 15! I'll be so happy to show you some photos of here the next time I post.

Before I sign off, I'd like to remind you that you can comment or email on our posts. We'd love to hear from you, especially as we are far away from home & family.

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God bless you all, you are in our prayers!

Much love & blessings,

Anita <><




Sam said...

Hey Babe!

I enjoyed reading your and Dave's blogs. I like the pictures and can't wait to see more.

Please take care of yourself.

Love you.


Elinore said...

What a great blog you have Anita! I feel like I'm on the trip with you! I'm glad you made it safely.

Keep up the writing and good deeds. We miss you! Hugs to Dave and your 'family' in Ghana!