Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One More Birthday! What a Blessing!

Today is September 2. For most folks it's just a regular old day. But for my sweetheart, it's special because it's his BIRTHDAY!
(Yep, another Birthday Post from me!)

I think he's had an ok day. I gave him some framed photos of special friends that we made in Ghana this summer, and a wood carving of a woman pounding fufu -- he'd pounded fufu while we were in Ghana, and I think it tickled him to get the carving! I also surprised him with a small chocolate birthday cake.

I thank God for David. His life has not been easy; on the contrary it's been extraordinarily rough. He's open & honest (which is one of the things that I love about him); and he's quick to tell you that Jesus Christ made all the difference in his life -- which is another thing I love about him! He gives all the credit to any successes he enjoys to Christ. Struggles he's overcome -- Christ did it, not him.

And I've been priviledged to actually SEE God make a lot of changes in this man's life, first-hand. It's amazing, watching God transform someone!
I'm also blessed beyond my wildest imaginings by this man who is my husband. He treasures me as though I am a priceless jewel. He's always interested in my safety, to the point of making sure my car is in good repair, my house is locked, etc. etc. He calls to check on me, when we're apart. He prays for me, with me, about me. And (I love this!) his face lights up the moment he sees me!

I feel like Cinderella, and the Prince just slipped the glass slipper on my foot...

We have a slogan that we use in our marriage: Appreciate and Reciprocate. We've both been in situations where we felt as though no one recognized or appreciated the things we tried to do, much less reciprocated. So one of the first things we pledged to do was to notice, acknowledge, and appreciate any efforts made by each other -- and then reciprocate. It has kept us both "on our toes" to assist each other, to be each other's helpmate. And it's also been fun -- how sweet it is to hear a "thank you" for even small, every-day things.

He loves anything Hawaiian, his mom, pineapple, Diet Mt. Dew, chocolate, strawberries, blue eyes, Scarlett the Beautiful Labrador, Lil Jazzy & Zeepster, music by Selah, my mom & dad, cutting the grass, writing, reading "The Shack,"witnessing for Christ, discipling others, steamed crayfish at the Chinese place in Columbia, Toyota pickups, smiling, and me. But he loves Jesus the BEST!!! :)

So to David, I just want to wish you a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I love you more every day~

Blessings & Love,
Anita <><

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