Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Back home in NC, a dear friend of mine is mourning the loss of his beautiful daughter. She was killed in a tragic car crash, only a few days before graduating from high school. To Steve, Susan, Brandon, & their family and friends – please know you are in our prayers and we ask God to give you all much comfort at this time.


When I was 15, there was an awful car accident that claimed the lives of 3 of my friends, and badly injured two others. To this day, whenever I hear of car accidents that claim a young life I remember them. For a split second, it’s 1971 again, and I’m at band practice, standing at attention on the goal-line of that football field in Wadesboro. I feel the sweat roll down my back, and my stomach goes queasy as I listen to the wailing sirens of the rescue vehicles as they rushed to the crash sight.

Funny, the things that hide within the recesses of the mind.


"Still merging"
Still merging households here. I’ve unpacked several boxes, but still have many to go through. David’s easy-going and generous – which makes it easier. Though I have to admit that sometimes it is tough for both of us! I’m learning not to leave the mail on the dining room table, and he is learning that bathmats do not need another towel spread over them to keep them from getting wet! ;)

Life is GOOD and it is getting better every day!

Moving to a different town where few people know me creates an unusual anonymity for me. For years, going to the local WalMart was like a class reunion – I rarely got through my shopping without running into a former student who would stop and speak to me. Any kind of errand usually took a few extra moments to just be sociable and chat.
It is taking some getting used to, to be an “unknown” here in Winnsboro.

There have been many times in my life that I “felt invisible” – there were LOTS of times when I felt like nobody really “saw” me as far back as high school. I mean, I wasn’t an athlete, I wasn’t in the pretty/popular crowd, there were plenty of others who were smarter than me – and I tended to just sort of fade into the background. And later in life, there were many days that I felt invisible in my own household, as I struggled with career and family. It’s crazy, but as I type this I think of the many times when I’d be listening to some music and someone would come in and turn on the tv loud enough to wake the dead, without acknowledging my music or existence. I’d just sigh and turn whatever music I was enjoying off. See, I was invisible. Not of any great significance.

Today I ran some errands alone. It was almost weird, walking through the aisles in silence, nobody calling my name or saying hello or stepping up for a hug. Other than the young lady at the cash register, no one spoke to me. I’m usually a happy, smiling person and today was no exception – but few people smiled back. Like I said, it was almost weird.

Eventually, I know I’ll make more friends here. That’s part of the joy of moving to a new place – collecting more friends! I have friends in many places, as far away as Australia and Ghana and Kenya, as near as across the street, and more than I can count “back home” in Peachland.

Right now in Winnsboro, I’ll just enjoy being quietly anonymous a while.

But you know, I am not "invisible" to the One who matters most! God sees me, and He is interested in the desires of my heart. (Ps. 37:4)
He knows the very number of the hairs upon my head (Luke 12:7) -- and I'd expect He knows how many more of them are "silver" than brown!
Even when I find myself feeling insignificant and "invisible" God is there, "seeing" me so completely that He can look into my heart.

And one of these days, when my time here is finished and I "move" to Heaven, it will be such a glad reunion with family and friends! What a Homecoming Celebration waits us, if we only believe and receive!

That's a silver lining, for sure!


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