Friday, November 5, 2010

Dashboard Message

I've been going through some of my old journals and found this story that I wrote about 3 years ago. Hope you enjoy it!

"Dashboard Message" -- written Nov. 19, 2007

Today when I started my car, I got a new dashboard message. Very plainly, the letters spelled out to me "YOU ARE LOVED."

You might find that difficult to believe -- so allow me to share the whole story with you!

I drive an older model Buick Park Avenue. My children always referred to it as a land yacht. Granted, it is a large car. But one thing I really like about it are all the little "bells & whistles" -- the extra features that make it a neat car. For example, it has heated seats, which are oh-so-nice on a frosty morning!

Another feature is the dashboard message center. This small display of bright green letters lets me see my car's mileage. Or it may display a warning, such as "DOOR AJAR." Once in a while, it reads "CHECK GAUGES" when I'm running low on gasoline.

Recently, the message displayed has often read "TIRE PRESSURE LOW." I've had so much trouble lately, keeping enough air in the tires. I'd had a flat tire a few weeks prior, and bought a used tire to replace it -- which apparently had a slow air leak. It seems like every other day, I'd get that "TIRE PRESSURE LOW" message and I'd have to add more air.

Then yesterday, my dear husband checked the air pressure in all 4 tires. Yep; the back tires were both low again -- and one was very low.

Tossing me the keys, he said "Follow me!" He pulled out of the driveway in his truck, and I followed him in my car. He led me to the local tire store -- where he purchased two brand new tires for me.

I tried to pay for them, but he insisted on buying them himself. When I began to argue with him, he took both my hands in his and said, "The most precious thing in my life rides around in that big blue land yacht. It's important to me to know that the tires on it are safe."

As I drove home later, the display flashed some new words. I smiled when I saw it. Perhaps most people would read it as "TIRE PRESSURE NORMAL."

But to me, it said "YOU ARE LOVED."