Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finding the Top of the World

Today I participated in a writers’ workshop at The Farm at Weathers Creek. I had a terrific time, made lots of new friends, and am “mining the mother lode” in earnest as I dig around in my memory in search of “photographic moments.” Check out their website: and join us sometime!

On the way to the class this morning, I experienced one of those sublime moments when time seems to stand still. Just for an instant I could grasp that feeling that comes the closest to perfection this life has to offer.

Most of my two-hour drive was up I-77. I zipped along the road (thank God for cruise control -- it guards against my chronic lead foot), listening to classic rock radio, humming along to old favorite songs. Interstate driving CAN be boring, with fields, convenience stores, strip malls, housing developments, and car dealerships lining both sides of the road. But there’s one spot near Davidson, NC, where the road spans two fingers of Lake Norman. It’s a sweet change of scenery – quite unexpected if you are not familiar with North Carolina geography!

As I drove across the second bridge, I saw a flock of white gulls dipping and wheeling over the lake. The air was crisp, and wisps of fog swirled up from the water. Tall green pines lined the edge of the lake, waving in the gusts of wind. For an instant, the rest of the world faded and my spirit joined the birds soaring upward toward the clouds. I felt joyous, complete, at peace. I soared in the freedom and happiness of just BEING.

For a few precious moments, I have no doubt that I found the very top of the world. It was in a little red car crossing that bridge over Lake Norman on I-77 North while the birds soared over the misty water.

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David Lee Waters Sr., said...

Wonderful writing BBD. I used to arrive early and sit in my car in the hangar parking lot when I was in the Marine Corps working on helicopters in Hawaii. I'd just sit there and watch a small flock of Ibis fly across Kaneohe Bay each morning. It was a moment of calm before entering the gauntlet each day. I can close my eyes and see them now.