Sunday, December 30, 2012



Everybody talks about making New Year’s Resolutions.  We all want to lose 10 pounds, or try to correct some personality trait we are struggling with, or we want to let go of some issue that is draped around our neck like an albatross.

Sometimes we actually KEEP a resolution for more than a week or so. 
And some folks resolve to NOT MAKE any resolutions!!

Last year, for Christmas my husband gave me a copy of Rosie Molinary’s book “Beautiful You – A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance.” (Check it out at   I’ve long wrestled with issues of self-esteem and self-worth; this little book has the reader focus more on self-awareness and creativity to help shore up self-confidence.  I followed it diligently for about two months.  Then life stepped in; our lives took a shift as we took on a care-giving role for David’s mom.  In the rush and re-structuring of our routines, my resolve crumbled and the book gathered dust for the rest of the year. 

However, I never put it back on the shelf.  I kept it out in plain sight, as a reminder that someone thought I was beautiful enough to suggest I work through the activities to boost my confidence. 

By summer’s end, David’s mom was better and we were back to a calmer lifestyle.  I began to re-assess myself and decided I needed to put a bit of focus on my own health.

At the beginning of September, I began walking every day.  At first, I’d walk around the cove and back – not quite one mile.  As my breathing improved, I started walking a bit farther each week.  Now, I am walking a bit over three miles each morning.  A friend here let me know she was starting a Zumba class and suggested I give it a try.  I was reluctant but went to a class and discovered it was fun and I could actually DO it!  So I’ve continued going twice a week.  As a result of the increased exercise, I am feeling better about myself, my breathing has improved even more, and I’ve lost some weight (always a good thing!).

January 1 is right around the corner.  Rosie’s book is still on my desk, and I am excited about re-starting the journey through “Beautiful You.” The creative artist within me has been dormant for a while – it’s time to give her a nudge or two.  That is my main resolution for 2013.  Some of that creativity should show up here on my blog. 

That’s another good thing – I’ve gotten emails from a few folks who let me know they’d missed my posts.  To those folks, I thank you for your encouragement and patience – and please know I love you.  J  

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