Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Day in January

Today was an unusually warm day for mid-January.

Taking advantage of this rare event, we unhitched the pontoon and eased it out into the cove.  A light breeze over the cool water made the ride a bit chilly; I wrapped up in a beach towel as we headed out to the “big water.”

Wispy clouds streaked across the skies.  Here and there, folks spent the day cleaning yards and raking leaves.  Smoke curled up from brush fires, caught the breeze, and began lying low over the water. 

The water was dotted with flocks of seagulls – I suppose they were on vacation at the lake.  Steering the boat directly into the birds, we watched as the birds ascended into flight as we got near them.  Hundreds of gulls were wheeling and gliding above us, or floating in the water directly in front and behind us. 

We continued our journey across the lake.  Nearing the shore, we saw a lone bird soaring above the pine trees.  His white head and tail gleamed like silver in the sunlight – a bald eagle!  He lit in a treetop, majestically surveying his world.  We watched him as he watched us.  At times I realized I was holding my breath, just in awe of the glory of nature. 

As we turned back for home, the sun was low on the horizon.  We watched as the sky streaked with gold and orange, fading to rose then violet, at last becoming gray.

The day rolls into night, and I am so thankful.


Yes, I am very thankful.

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