Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello from GCBSC!

GCBSC = Garden City Beach, South Carolina

I've had the priviledge of coming to GCB my whole life! I recall many trips with my mom & dad, and with my grandparents (Pop & Belle) the past 50-something years. It's almost like a 2nd home to me, and any "other" beach just isnt quite the same to me. While I've been here many times, I've rarely been able to stay more than a couple of days at the time. This time, David & I are staying an entire week -- a real treat!

My son Drew was here for a day or two when we arrived, but he had to return home for work. My daughters Amanda & Melody are both coming for this weekend. It's been quite a long time since I enjoyed my whole family together at the beach -- I guess this will be as close as I can come this time. I'm excited that they each made the trip down here with us -- though I wish they could all have been here at the same time.

There's something about the sea that just soothes me. I can sit beside the ocean for hours at the time -- and it causes me to think and ponder and worship and praise and pray and give thanks! The weather's been great, sunny & hot each day. Some afternoons there have been thunderstorms that cooled things off a good bit.

Every morning, David goes for a walk out on the beach very early. I have to get up at 5 am when school is in session, so I get to "sleep in" a little during the summer. When Dave returns, he'll put on a pot of coffee. Once I get up, he makes our breakfast; I clean the kitchen after we eat. That -- by the way -- is our "deal". David loves to cook; he creates delicious meals with extra patience & care that I never could find in the kitchen! Once he's done, it's my turn -- I dont mind cleaning up one bit! :)
After breakfast, we've been riding our bicycles either to the marina or into "town" to get a copy of the newspaper. While we read through the paper, what we're REALLY after are the crossword puzzles. Hey, did yall know the Myrtle Beach newspaper has TWO puzzles in every issue? One for each of us! I have to laugh at us, sometimes. If a puzzle has sports questions, I am clueless, so I have to ask him for the answers. If a puzzle has to do with history or literature, he often has to ask me for the answers. Most times, we can help each other out~ we make a pretty good team!

We've spent a lot of time enjoying the sun, the sand, & the surf. One afternoon, David played a round of golf. I got to "drive" the golfcart part of the time. Mostly I read my book, and just enjoyed his company.

And that's important -- "company." Being company for each other is an important part of our relationship. It give us time for swapping stories about our lives, our families, and our experiences. We share our hopes & dreams. We talk about just about everything under the sun, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying. But always enjoying the gifts we find in each other!

I'm about to wrap this post up but I do want to mention a couple of other blogs that you might find interesting. "Answering the Call" is by Joanna Kelley, a friend of our who is currently serving in Africa as a missionary. The other is "Waters Edge Ministry" which is David's blog, he posts nearly every weekday. Both blogs are fun to read, thought provoking at times, too. There are links to both of them from this page.

Blessings to all!
More when I get back home from the beach!
Anita <><

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