Monday, July 6, 2009

Ghana Eve

Tonight's entry will be "short and sweet" -- but a forerunner for the next several days.

It is "Ghana Eve" for us -- tomorrow I'll depart for my 6th journey to Ghana, where I'll work with Reverend James Godlly and Richard Asomaning and Chief Togbe Takyi of Christ Harvests the Nations Ministries in Tema. It honestly is like a "homecoming" each time that I return -- I am welcomed and embraced by many friends who have become like family to me.

The bags have been packed, weighed, and some contents shifted so that none of our bags weighs more than 50 pounds. Carry-ons are all set with a change of clothes & "necessities" like reading materials, mp3 players, and light snacks. We have two large rubbermaid totes that contain the water purification units we will install in Adigbo Tournu and Potwabin. We also have some funds that will assist some kids with their school fees -- kids who live and scrounge for the daily necessities of life in a garbage dump.

The year has been fast & furious, and David has worked extra hard in the fund-raising area for the water systems AND the Jerusalem Gates Academy program. He has amazed me with his unfailing optimism and strong efforts -- and the results are wonderful!
We have sponsorships for 65 kids, plus both water systems have been fully funded. I would like to publicly express my thanks to him for the work he's done for Waters Edge Ministries this year -- he's awesome!!! His smile never fades, his love for Jesus shines through, and I am blessed to share the journey of life with him.

Last year, there were two of us. We've doubled the team size, taking Becky Cheek and Davi Trotti with us this year. Tonight we're having a "house party" -- sharing stories, and feeling the excitement of a brand new journey, beginning tomorrow.
I'd like to invite my readers to also read Becky's blog at as well as David's blog at .

God has opened many doors for us in this past year with Waters Edge Ministries. We are prayerful and hopeful for more opportunities in the coming year to share both the physical pure water AND the Living Water of Christ!

So that's this evening's edition of The Silver Lining. In the morning, we drive to Charlotte, board a plane to New York (JFK), and later in the afternoon we'll fly to Accra, landing there around 8:00 am (Ghana Time) on Wednesday morning. All prayers appreciated!

Blessings, yall! :)

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Lib Horne said...

You guys have been on my mind. So glad you have gotten there safley. I am on the trip with you just not in person.Looking forward to seeing pictures & reading every word,,, Love you guys..Lib