Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday in Tema

We've had a truly wonderful day!
Each day has been great, and I am so thankful for all that we're experiencing here.

We started this morning with a terrific worship service. I was delighted to see some friends that had returned to Ghana after several years' absence: Angela and Lizzie. Both of these ladies accompanied me on "road trips" in past visits here, and they both sang and gave testimony. Lizzie has just recorded a cd, and we were excited to be able to purchase a copy. Some others also gave their testimonies, and then the choir sang.

I wish I could have a recording of the Christ Harvests the Nations Choir. They just filled the place with glorious songs of praise. It was impossible not to stand to your feet and sway to their music, their voices interweaving with each other in beautiful harmony.

Each of us then had the opportunity to speak. Davi spoke first, and she spoke about the need to love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls. Then Becky told us about praying for her children & their future spouses -- and how we all need to pray for our families. I felt, for quite some time, God wanted me to remind them that HE LOVES US. And David gave his testimony, purifying/clarifying a container of dirty water to illustrate his point. And then Rev. James stood to speak, weaving all four of our testimonies together.

I have to say I am really proud of my teammates. Davi & Becky both say they are "not public speakers" -- but they both seemed to be comfortable with the microphone and each of them had very important messages that were well received. David likes to "live out loud" and when he gave his testimony today, folks were rapt with attention. I believe each of us touched others with what we said, in our own ways.

Worship at Christ Harvests is truly a joyful experience. I always look forward to services there because we have fun as we praise and give thanks to God. :)


After church, Davi went back to the mission house to do some homework. She is taking a class in World Leadership, and needed some time to get an assignment completed. Becky, Dave, & I walked with Richard to his home, where Victoria had prepared "waakye" (pronounced "wah-chee") -- beans & rice. She served it with chicken in a tomato-based stew, and some hot sauce. Delicious! We were joined by Mary & her girls, and Ben.

Later, we took Richard, Ben, Little Anita, Christabel, Junior, and Eric to the beach. We walked by the water; little Anita played tag in the water with David and got soaked to the skin! :) We bought some plantain chips and shared them by the sea. The weather was beautiful -- overcast skies, but pleasantly mild temperatures.

Ice Cream was next on the agenda! We picked up Victoria, and all of us went to Southern Fried Chicken where we enjoyed chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream.

The day was ending, so we traveled back to the Mission House. Angela and her husband were visiting, so we enjoyed sharing dinner with them. It was fun, catching up with her -- it's been 7 years since she joined us on our mission team.

Now it's getting late, and we have a Big Week ahead of us. We're packed for a road trip to the Volta Region, and we'll be gone until Friday. We're going to Ho to see a purification operation and an agricultural research farm, then on to Kpeve to spend the night. Tuesday, we will spend in Adigbo Tournu, installing a water purification system there. We are excited about this opportunity, and look forward to a successful project there. The remainder of the week, we will visit two newly planted churches, and then spend a day or two at my favorite place, Logba Tota. :)

We'll return on Friday. But until then, we'll be away from internet. blogs until next weekend! We ask you to say some prayers for us, for traveling mercies and a successful trip to the Volta region. (David isnt feeling too good this evening, so I'm asking for extra prayers for him, please.)

Much love & blessings -- more next Friday!


Warrior of Praise said...

I sit here weeping and yearning to be there with you and the people of Ghana. My heart just aches with desire and a longing to be where part of it was left 8 years ago when we first travelled there on that pioneer mission trip with Sandi and the rest of the team. I never knew the impact it would have on my life and just how much of me would be left behind and how much from there would be taken home with me. But now I question...where is truly home? If the saying "Home is Where the Heart Is".....then Ghana is my home and I long for the day that I return......until Love and Prayers are with you!

Angela said...

Oh! the trip is sounding wonderful to my ears. I can't wait to get back to Ghana.

Be safe and I hope that Dave gets to feeling better.

Take a few pics!!!!

Love you much,
Angela in Cali