Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mathematics and THE REAL THING


I wasn't very good in math. It has bamboozled me ever since the 4th grade when my parents would make me stay in my room and try to memorize the multiplication tables. YUCK. I still hate it. I limped through Algebra 1 and 2, making the absolute lowest grades of my high school career. I almost enjoyed Geometry, though. I could draw pictures and figure out the right answer, many times. My teacher would be provoked that I didnt follow the same steps as those she demonstrated (I'm sorry, Mrs. Randall!), but hey I still got the right answer.

My senior year of high school, I was forced to take Advanced Math. According to the guidance counselor, ANYBODY who planned on going to college MUST take Advanced Math. That turned out to be a crock, unless you were going to major in engineering or something. But I sat there struggling through that class, taught by one of the biggest male chauvinists I have ever had to associate with it my life. There were only about 6 girls in our class of 30; we were rarely called upon -- unless he was fairly certain we wouldn't know the right answer, so then he could berate us in front of the "guys."

All that being said....I'm still able to look at some numbers and see a pattern, a progression. I can still use the word "exponentially" and know what I'm talking about.
And I am seeing an exponential increase on the horizon.
Last year, our team to Ghana consisted of 2 people.
This year, we doubled that to 4 people.
And next year...thanks to a partnership being forged with a nearby church -- we may have as many as 16!
2 x 2 = 4 4 x 4 = 16 See, exponential increases!

Nearly every week, we meet people who express an interest in the work we do in Ghana through Waters Edge Ministries. Many of them ask about accompanying us on the journey. It is so exciting to think about this, because it is answered prayers. It's long been a dream of mine to take other people with me to Ghana, to share in the experience. (My greatest dream is for my own children to accompany me there. Perhaps one day they will have that desire.)

I can tell you about how it looks, feels, smells, tastes, sounds to be in Africa but my feeble words dont compare to the REAL THING! It's all about relationships. Meeting people, becoming their friends, sharing in each other's lives, learning about each other's cultures and traditions. Seeing life there first hand can give you a whole new "world view."

Relationships -- another exponential explosion.
I have a friend, then we meet each other's friends, then that branches out further to include our friend's friends' friends. CARING for each other. Ultimately, that is the meaning of life -- to care about people.

I've been asked "why?" Why bother with helping someone on the other side of the world? The answer is simple. It's my purpose to help my brothers and sisters, wherever they might be.
Truly, that is life's purpose for everyone -- to CARE.

The Ultimate Relationship I have is with Jesus Christ -- and it is through my walk with Him that I see the need to care about other people. They might be next door, or around the block, or halfway around the world. I can describe my feelings and relationship with Jesus just like I can describe Africa -- but for you to truly "get" the Real Thing -- you've gotta have that relationship.
Numbers might still bamboozle me at times, but I still know when I see a good thing increasing!



Jenn said...

Mamma Nita~~~
And your heart grows exponentially too. BTW... I had the same issues. I can come up with the correct answer... following my own way... It frustrated my teachers to no end.
Jenn Jenn

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... like You!

Always...In His Grip!!! Lisa said...

\o/ \o/ \o/
I am with you ALL the way.
I did not like math and as far as I was concerned, I wanted it over. WE were only required to have 1 math to graduate, I chose simple math, The principal PUT me in Algerber. I failed it the first time. The next year he put me in the same class with the same teacher and it was first class. I passed with a's and B's.

YES, GOD is increasing your ministry because it is 100% for HIM. Spreading the love.
May HE continue to grow it 100 times over every year.
They will have to have a plane simply to carry all of you over on. THAt should make things simplier.
Love you!!!

Elaine said...

Great post. I too am often asked "why Africa". I want to answer "Why not". I too am called to care for the needs of other and have found Ghana to be a place where I can do that. God is so good to bring you into my life.