Thursday, October 22, 2009

Romance 101 and beyond!

Sometimes you just have to let a guy know that he's doing the right things. I've got a husband that works really hard to do what is right. So this blog entry is a little testimony about this special guy I married!

I may be over 50, a bit pudgy, and silver-haired, but I'm still a girl at heart. And a little romance can go a long, LONG way! David truly amazes me, with the "little things" he can say or do that makes my heart flutter.

For example -- just yesterday, we were at the SC State Fair. As we walked by one stage, we could hear a fellow singing a beautiful ballad. David pulled me into his arms and in the midst of the crowd we danced for a few moments. Right there, near the rows of crazy fair food and a few steps away from the rides. It was almost like the rest of the world just sort of stopped and all we knew about was one another. I never in a million years thought I would ever be with someone who would even think about a dance in a crowd -- much less actually DO it!

He brings me flowers sometimes, for no apparent reason other than he likes to see my smile. We light candles at dinner -- even if all we're having is a plate of turnips and greens, that little sparkle can ignite our smiles.

Today, while I dusted and folded the laundry, he vacuumed the house. Now that doesn't really sound very romantic, does it? But believe me -- ANY kind of help with the housework scores big romance points in my book. And I'd wager that MOST women feel the same way. As I think about it, the fact that he keeps up with simple household repairs is romantic. If there's something broken -- he fixes it! I don't have to resort to my meager carpentry/repair skills (using my itty bitty hammer, duct tape and fishing line, mostly) .

Another romantic thing -- he knows I do not like to cook. He LOVES to cook -- so from the beginning of our relationship HE has done most of the grocery shopping and cooking. I set the table, and wash the dishes. It's a great partnership that works for us, because I really don't mind cleaning up!

He offers encouragement to me. He tells me he thinks I am beautiful. He lets me know nearly every day that he treasures me like a gift.

We've based our marriage on our faith in God, and from the very start, we've shared prayers together. I remember telling my mother once, "This man prays with me, for me, and about me every single day!"

"Appreciate and Reciprocate" -- that's our main slogan. We appreciate each other's efforts and actions. Then we reciprocate by our own words and deeds. That can be practical or romantic! But it is beyond romance. It's all about trying to help each other. It's all about taking a marriage and creating a true partnership. It's all about sharing the last scoop of ice cream in the box. It's all about encouragement. It's all about a sweet slow dance in the middle of a crowd. It's all about appreciating our strengths and helping improve our areas.

It's all about loving God -- through loving each other.



Anonymous said...

I don't think you're beautiful, I KNOW you're beautiful. I've never seen a more beautiful thing in my life than you. And the world did stop and there was no one but us, for that precious moment.

You rocked my world and I'll never stop being thankful for the gift that you are.

It's easy to love you when I just can't help myself!

You make my heart flutter and I stir in my very being just looking at you!

I'm honored to be your husband and so glad we're best friends too!


Always...In His Grip!!! Lisa said...

I sit here with tears in my eyes reading this beautiful Love story.
God knew at JUST the right time in BOTH of your lives JUST what you needed, or i should say, WHO.
You are both the most precious people and I love you both so much.
To have someone love you and show it in so many ways without question of where or who , WOW.
So many men are still under the impression that they have to be "tough" and be "MEN". ( David remember that video today?")
Well, I admire a man who can show true emotion and love because he has learned to Love GOD first and love himself seeing he is worthy of a great love.
God bless you both.
as always, You guys are my heros.
Always...In His Grip!!!

Sharon said...

You really deserve that blessing.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

What a wonderful wonderful testimony between the two of you. I pray God continues to bless you and renew your love!

Gale said...

My hubby was a romantic too....... he would bring me cards often, with special messages inside. He would make my tea without being asked, and if I had a headache, would massage me and make a wonderful dinner, without being asked. He always got me wonderful gifts for my birthday or the holidays, or just because. Not always things expensive, but always wonderful.

I miss my sweetie, and if there is an angel up there trying to lure him away from where he is sitting, watching me, get lost! He's taken by me and our dogs.