Friday, July 9, 2010

Praising Through The Storms

The tree still stands, tall and proud
A giant in the landscape
A closer look reveals the damage
A lightning hit -- burnt and scarred to the core
Some limbs and branches never recovered,
The life is gone from them
An ominous dark streak from top to bottom

Yet the tree still stands, tall and proud
Arms lifted toward the heavens in praise
Living branches full of green leaves
The scar healed with new bark
And the tree lives on
Praising through the storm
Praising through the lightning strikes
Praising through the healing
Praising through the sunshine

How like that tree we followers of Christ can be
Life's lightning bolts can hit us
Damage us
Burn us
Injure us
Leave parts of us for dead
Yet we praise Him through the storms
We praise Him through the lightning strikes
We praise Him as we trust for a sunny day
Our injuries are scabbed over
New Growth can sprout

The scars remain to remind us
Of HIS healing powers
And that He carries us safely through the storms
And we are
Just like the tree standing tall
And lifting praises toward the heavens
Thankful for a new day

(As we drove through the Ghanaian countryside yesterday, I noticed a particular tree. I think it is an acacia tree, though my own name for them is "watchtower tree." It towered over the landscape, standing all alone. I spotted this one from a good ways off -- and as we passed it, I noticed it had been struck by lightning. God gave me this poem to share.)


Angela Washington Thibodeaux said...

That poem was absolutely beautiful...very visual, and made me think of all that I have suffered in the last year, but also, all that I have been strengthened by with the help of God's Holy Spirit. Thank you Anita!!

Ms. HOLLA said...

Anita the very first stanza of the poem (as I read it), I thought of myself, as well as others in the storms of life. You are an awesome writer. You feed us through your words, keep them coming!


Sherri in Canada said...

Oh Anita, your poem made me cry and made me think of some things I have gone through. God bless you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

God is blessing us with yet another insight into this walk with Him & our drawing deeper into each other as we share. Thank you, Anita, for seeing through His eyes & giving us His words with this poem. Hugs Sylv