Thursday, September 10, 2015


I tackled "The Drawer" this morning. 

I bet every one of you have one just like it -- that catch-all drawer in the kitchen that gets crammed with all the "stuff" that you don't know where else to put.  I have eyeballed it for several weeks (months?) now, knowing that it's been on my to-do list.  It certainly isn't going anywhere, nor is it going to clean itself out.  So I pulled the drawer completely out and dumped the contents on the table.  I laughed at the collection -- I am not even sure what some of that stuff IS.  The Lizard Man could be living in there, for all I know!

I wiped out the drawer, and felt good about the "clean slate" I now had to start with.  Batteries, glue, a marble, masking tape, a collection of small tools, some keys that fit lord-knows-what, a vast assortment of nails, screws, and nuts, pull chains for ceiling fans, a label-maker, seed packets, 3 miscellaneous electrical cords, gardening gloves, a couple of keychains, a package of steel wool, some magic markers -- a whole mess of "stuff" crammed into a too-small space.  For an hour or so, I sorted, re-homed, tossed out, and re-arranged all of the odds and ends that had resided in The Drawer for the past several years.  

In the middle of this seemingly mundane task, I realized that I found joy in creating order out of chaos, happiness in purging the things that were no longer needed or useful.  I likened it to my life -- at times there are things that just need to be let go, or re-ordered.  Priorities need to be re-examined and re-set.  
I liked the feeling of accomplishment, when I finished and looked at my now neatly organized (and much less stuffed) catch-all drawer.

Today, "The Drawer."  
Tomorrow, "The Guest Room?"  Hmmm.... maybe not tomorrow.  
But soon!  ;)

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Always...In His Grip!!! Lisa said...

I have 3. I have put it off for way to long. Maybe soon.
Have you ever found you want to be alone when you do this kind of purging?