Saturday, July 26, 2008

Livin' on Ghana Time! July 24 &25, 2008

Thursday & Friday

After delays both from Charlotte AND from JFK, we finally arrived a couple of hours late at Accra. We had a minor “scare” at the airport in that we began to wonder if our luggage had arrived – then they brought one last cart from the plane, and *there* were our bags! Slipped w/o problem through Customs, then headed to the exit.
We were checked by a security guard before exiting the building, who checked our passport w/ the luggage tags to be sure we were taking the correct bags. When he determined we were “ok” he looked at us very seriously and said, “You may go.” I replied, “Medasse,” and his face just lit up and he said, “Oh you speak Twi???”
I smiled & answered in Twi, saying, “Yes, but just a little. I understand only a tiny bit.”
He was still smiling as I left.

People w/o tickets aren’t allowed inside the terminal to meet travelers, so there’s always a large group of people congregating outside. I scanned the crowd, then saw Richard wave! Oh it was so good to see him, to introduce him to my husband!

I was also pleased to see that Chief Tobe Takyi came to greet us as well. We’ll be visiting his village of Logba Tota, as well as a couple of surrounding villages later. He’s been very instrumental in bringing Christ to his area. I always enjoy his company & support.

We went home – and it was grand! Rev. James, when I met him in 2001, was working toward a missionary home, for visiting teams & groups & individuals. He & the CHNM teams have continually sought to find larger areas to accommodate more folks. They’ve moved into a lovely home with lots of room in a new community in Tema and what a blessing it is! For them and for all visitors. We met Abigail, who prepares our meals, and Emmanuel who tends to all the house/yard work. Mary, Rev. James wife and Abigail had prepared our meal – thinking we’d be there for breakfast but since we were late, it was now lunch. We enjoyed omelets with onions, peppers, & tomatoes and some fresh fruit. YUM!!

Dinner was jollof rice and more fresh fruit (YUMMY PINEAPPLE!!!)

I made it through the flight ok, but still felt “wobbly” and sometimes a bit dizzy. I crashed in the bed kind of early, and felt much more “myself” on Saturday morning.

After breakfast, Mary & I had a sister-to-sister talk, catching up w/ each other. Dave & Rev. James watched “How Great is Our God” (one of my favorite DVDs) it’s a talk by Louis Giglio. AWESOME.

Today we are resting a bit, and going to Accra. There is actually a mall there!
I’ll share more later – I’ve got many more thoughts about the journey here, and some things I’ve noticed that have changed since I was last here in 2005.

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I'll be posting photos soon.!!
Blessings, yall!!!

Love Anita

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