Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick note &Toys & laughter! And a Silver Lining already!

Waiting for our first flight, from Charlotte to JFK, thought I'd check in here!

One of my best friends, Cat, stopped by my house last night. Her arms were loaded with boxes of goodies to finish filling up our bags so we could share some US "stuff" with the kids at the orphanages & schools. I plundered through the bags to find a large stash of stuffed animals, crayons, coloring books, pencils, and other toys. I had a cool time just imagining the kids' faces as they receive this offering! Then I put them in the bags & took them to the bedroom where we've been packing/weighing the bags. BTW, Cat & friends -- THANK YOU!!!

We sat down to a delicious meal (thanks, AJ!) then I got busy with some last-minute emails & bill paying and "stuff." I finished my chores, and at last headed back to the bedroom. As I entered the hallway, I heard laughter -- almost silly giggles! Joyful, bubbling, anticipating fun laughter! The kind that makes you just want to jump right in there & laugh, too!
I entered the bedroom, & there was Dave, sitting on the floor, taking each stuffed animal out of the bag, looking at it, squeezing it, then putting it in the suitcase. He was having the BEST time, just enjoying the goodies that the kids would soon receive.

This just thrilled me right down to my toes, folks! I am delighted that HE is as excited about visiting Ghana as I am!! God seriously answers prayers, that is absolutely true!

We've just gotten our first Silver Lining of the day:
It was just announced that our flight to NYC would be delayed about 40 minutes. BUT -- here's the Silver Lining -- They were taking care to make sure we wouldnt be delayed for our next flights!

Blessings, yall! Don't forget to read Dave's latest couple of entries at
Love, Anita & David
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Davi said...

It is so hard to believe that soon you will be landing on the tarmac in Ghana, waiting for the stairs to pull up and the doors to open. I can just imagine the doors pop, and the smell of Ghana will roll in. I can feel it and taste it right now in my mind.

You'll walk down the stairs and cross the tarmac in one of the buses and enter the gate to see the mural on the wall. I don't know if you will be running by that time or if you will give Dave a chance to look at the mural.

I can imagine you standing in customs waiting with great anticipation, wondering if the line couldn't move just a bit faster. But remember, you have just crossed into "Ghana time."

Will you let Dave gather the luggage and you run out ahead, or will you help and go out together? I guess it doesn't matter. But what I do know is that Ritchie will be standing out there waiting for you near the front of the crowd.

I know there will be great joy, hugs, and a few tears of happiness. And then you will all pile into the car(s), and head to Tema.

May your trip be full. Full of fun, full of children, full of love, full of blessings.

Much love and blessings to you and Dave.