Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monday & Tuesday -- GREAT DAYS!!

Hi everybody!
I'm trying to "catch up" quickly. We've had two wonderful days, but they've been LONG -- starting very early, and ending after 10 pm. I havent had much opportunity to share with y'all what's happening.
I'm going to try to just throw in a few photos, and tell you what we've been up to!
We spent Tuesday at several schools, delivering some supplies and meeting with the teachers & headmistresses. Victoria (Richard's wife) prepared lunch for us. Then we headed to the market -- we'd purchased some shoes for Eban House Orphanage. I also bought a little fabric (while my friends were bartering for the purchase of supplies for Logba Tota, where we're headed today). It took a LONG time in the market, because we're taking a lot of food/drink for the kids up there.
We left the market about 5 pm -- just in time to get hung up in traffic! It took us nearly 2.5 hours to drive to the orphange, but it was worth the wait!! Those kids were a *delight*!! We drove back home in less than an hour!
So here are a few photos from Tuesday! Enjoy!
Have some lunch!! This is Kontumerie (the green stuff) and yams (potatoes).
VERY filling, and delicious, too!
Richard, Chief Takyi, and I with shoes for Eban House & surrounding community.
We purchased the shoes from my friend Evelyn. There were 3 HUGE bags full -- and when we opened them, I was dismayed to find as many older child/adult shoes as I did little kids' shoes. But when I offered to go back & exchange them, all of the ladies at Eban House said "NO!!! We need them, too!" Apparently some of the kids here have older sisters & brothers that come to visit them, PLUS there are many needy older kids & young teens that are in the neighborhood. This way Eban House can be even more of a blessing to their community!
May God bless the ladies & men that work at Eban House, as well as the kids and their adoptive families, wherever they may be.
Currently there are 32 kids in residence; about half of them will be going to their new homes in the USA in September.


Comm. 4 Daycare, where Little Anita & Christabel attend school.

They cried when we left because they wanted us to take them to the beach!
Ahhh we'll go there on Saturday!


I am with Chief Takyi. He's a gentle man, yet he has a quiet powerfulness about him. He's traveled with me before, and today we go to his village, Logba Tota. We'll stay there 3 days.

I am honored to be his friend.


I still need to tell you about Monday's activities. We went to Potwabin and visited Grace. She's such a beauty, now 15 years old!
We also drove up to Cape Coast and toured Elmina Castle -- a heartbreaking history.
I will post more about that later -- likely this weekend.
Today we leave for Logba Tota -- one of my FAVORITE places on earth!!
We wont be back until Friday evening, so it will be this weekend before we get a chance to post again.
Meanwhile, God bless you all! Love to you.
Anita <><

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Aliza said...

Anita - I love reading your's like I'm right there with you....! Must be hot there too, I'll bet.
Is that English on the writing on the wall of the classroom you were in? Or Twi?
Funny, I had a yam for lunch just yesterday too!
Love you!!

Aliza said...

'Nita - it was SO good to see the picture of you and Grace on Dave's blog - wow!!!!!
I liked the goat with Dave too.... :)

Jen said...

How fabulous you stopped by Eban House! I was there and brought home my daughter home in June! I am sure the shoes were so appreciated! Bless you for helping! :-) I have enjoyed your pictures and memories...

Jennine if you want to see my cutie!!